Joseph was born in Hollywood, CA and raised in Monrovia by his grandparents. They were the first to recognize his aptitude in creativity as he watched his grandmother oil paint. His studies of art came at an early age and continue today. Joseph's artistic ventures include sculpting, writing, drawing, painting, and photography. Joseph started selling his illustrations in elementary school and continued throughout high school and college. Many of Joseph's teachers saw the extreme talent waiting to surface in him, including Frank Jansson. Frank inspired Joseph to self publish his book in 2003, "Divine Torture." The book includes all of Joseph's original poetry and illustrations. Although Joseph is most known for his genius pen & ink work, his recent focus is in Digital Surrealism. His work has been exhibited in Oregon , Nevada and California with fans and collectors around the globe. Joseph is a proud member of the Monrovia Association of Fine Art or MAFA, a not for profit that supports art programs in Monrovia schools and hosts gallery exhibitions for beginning to advanced artists and photographers. Joseph's interest with digital photography began after his first experience with photoshop. He learned photoshop through a series of online tutorials and books on the subject, initially sparked by the possibilities the application held for art and drawing. In 2003 Joseph purchased his first camera and began to implement the techniques that he had learned using photos as a starting point. The more photos Joseph took the more he fell in love with the medium. Now Joseph uses his knowledge of photography and photoshop to create both stunning photography and breathtaking fantasy art.
Jason by Joseph R. Davis
  1. Jason by Joseph R. Davis

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